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The 5 Stages of the Creative Process

All great ideas follow a similar creative process and this article explains how this process works. Creative thinking is one of the most useful skills you can process. In real life, every problem you face in life can benefit from innovative solutions, lateral thinking, and creative ideas.

The 5 Stages of the Creative Process

According to Young, innovative ideas happen when you develop a new combination of old elements. in other words, creative thinking is not about gathering something new from  a blank mind, but rather about taking what is already present and combining those bits and piece in a way  that has not been done previously

  • Collect new material. Firstly you focus on learning specific material directly related to your work and 2ndly learning general material by becoming fascinated with a wide range of concepts.
  • Thoroughly work over the material you feed in your mind. In this stage, you examine what you have learned by looking at the facts from different angles and different perspectives and experimenting with fitting various ideas together.
  • Step away from the problem. Now you have to put the problem completely out of your mind and do something else that energized you and excites you.
  • Let your idea return to you. at some points, but only after you have to stop thinking about it, your idea will come back to you with a flash of insight and renewed energy
  • Shape and develop your idea based on feedback. For an idea of success you must release it out into the world submit it to criticism, and adapt it as needed


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