Saudi Arabia Telecom Group TAWAL Entering Pakistani Market

It’s finally a good day for Pakistan’s telecom industry as TAWAL Telecom, a subsidiary of the Saudi Arabia Telecom Group TAWAL Telecom has entered Pakistani market.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has issued a NoC TAWAL Telecom with a NoC TAWAL Telecom to operate in Pakistan following the completion the codal requirements as well as the required approval from appropriate stakeholders. PTA has issued a pro forma approval, and TAWAL Telecom will need to alter its shareholdings from SECP.

TAWAL is an affiliate to Saudi Telecom giant STC and it is the owner of more than 15500 towers in Saudi Arabia. It has announced that it would be entering into Pakistan market through the purchase of AWAL Telecom in February this year.

With regard to the current situation in Pakistan, Saudi Telecom Group’s entrance to the Pakistani market is an important advancement. TAWAL Telecom has acquired a stake in AWAL Telecom, a company that has a Telecom Tower Provider License, which includes 70-80 telecom towers. TAWAL is a huge company that plans to construct more telecom towers across Pakistan in the near future.

According to experts, the entry of TAWAL in the Pakistani market within the context of 5G’s launch is also crucial. The introduction of 5G will require additional towers, in addition to TAWAL as a tower business that has innovative ideas and the latest technology is a great option. In the framework of active sharing developed by PTA mobile operators will also be able to lease telecom towers, which could be a win-win for both parties.