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Increase your credibility with a digital press kit

Increase your credibility with a digital press kit

Press kit:

A press kit tells journalism and other media professionals about your brand. It’s a comprehensive, all-encompassing guide with everything you need to know to write about your brand.

Traditionally, pamphlets were printed on press kits. You don’t just have to print kits. , But also had to pay a ton to send media professionals. Fortunately, most journalists today want to see a digital press kit. Create an area on your website called the “Press” so that the media can access your information A good press kit is important because it makes it easier for journalists to write about you. The media profession is working on strict deadlines and a lot of things are going on, so you will make it easier to check your brand, your chances of scoring a feature are better.

Four essential that include in your press kit            

Press kit help you send consistent information to the press, media pros, blogger, influencers and more, this makes it easier to score good press that build  your business all around the world

Here a few components to get you started

Company Bio

Company bio is the store of your brand. Why you create the business? What do you do? how are you different from another brand? Your biography gives the media a high-level view of who you are. Write in bullets point that should be easy for the reader.

Fact & FAQ

  • Showcase your brand impact.
  • Talk about your number of customers
  • Total fulfilled order
  • Years in business
  • And other data to show your company
  • A FAQ is good to include.

High-resolution images and video

The press kit is about advancing your best future. Use professional photos. The media will use the images in your press kit for their features, so be sure to share the flattering image. You need to share high-resolution files or HD images

Share high-res files of your logo with transparent or PNG backgrounds. This makes it easy for the media to create custom graphics for the story, if you have videos or filmed interviews, share them on your press kit as well.

Past press coverage and press releases

  • Create a section for previous releases,
  • press release help journalists see existing updates from your brand,
  • like new product release,
  • change location

Past Press coverage helps the media understand that your brand is newsworthy. Remember to add logos of any media outlets that feature you, both on your main website and on the press kit.