How to Switch From Insider to Stable Builds and download Windows 11 before 5 October

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Windows 11

If you’re in the Windows Insider Program for Windows 11 and want to switch from a Beta or Release Preview build and Download Windows 11 stable version on your device, then head over Settings. Here’s how!

I recommend unenrolling once it launches on October 5th because of all that will be launching with this new OS update including Snap mode which allows me more freedom when browsing websites while having apps open at the same time without closing one out by tapping twice like before now only Microsoft Edge has support but thankfully other browsers do too so don’t worry. It’s important to know that once Windows 11 is released, you may need to wait until a major update and download windows 11 before making the switch automatically. If not, your system will stay on beta or preview release channels of Microsoft’s newest operating system.

The first step in getting started with installing Windows 11 from scratch involves opening up settings by pressing “Windows+i” on a computer keyboard (or choosing Start > Settings and clicking “Settings”).

Windows 11 Setting

In Settings, click “Windows Update” in the sidebar, then select “Windows Insider Program.”

In Windows Insider Program settings, expand the “Stop getting preview builds” section (by clicking it). Next, flip the switch beside “Unenroll this device when the next version of Windows releases” to “On.”

After that, close Settings. The next time Microsoft releases a major, stable update to Windows 11, your PC will leave the Insider program and switch to a regular stable build.

Otherwise, you can change your Windows 11 Insider settings on this same screen if you’d like to switch between Dev, Beta, and Release Preview channels.

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